Community Outreach

Our communitsucceedy-outreach program helps local students and unemployed residents SUCCEED!

Environmental Construction Services is serious about its commitment to help rebuild the communities we call “home” through workforce development. We accomplish this grassroots goal through our SUCCEED program—Serving Underrepresented Communities through Construction & Engineering Educational Development. By training, mentoring and hiring local residents, we can include them as staff and building-tradesmen and women in future large-scale construction projects.

Students and unemployed people in the Philadelphia region gain knowledge from our expertise in energy auditing, engineering, financial modeling, contracting, and building operations. Armed with new skills, our SUCCEED participants are directed toward better-paying jobs and a more secure future in the “green” economy.

ECSI 360 partners with various Philadelphia-area workforce development organizations and Fortune 500 companies to provide community-outreach opportunities:

  • Internships
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Apprenticeship-entrance counseling
  • On-site HVAC demonstrations (utilizing York/Johnson Controls mobile HVAC mini-display trailers)

“We seek and hire resilient people who understand how to handle adversity. It is these kindred souls who provide us with the competitive advantage needed to succeed…”

Michael Brown, ECSI 360 CEO