We provide both scheduled (i.e., preventative) maintenance as well as real-time emergency services for HVAC systems. Additionally, some of our clients engage us for full-time facilities management. Because our capabilities include comprehensive design, construction and maintenance services, we work directly with building owners to deliver optimal integrity and reliability regarding their HVAC systems. We currently have experienced ECSI 360 tradesmen and women embedded at several of our clients’ large manufacturing facilities. They work tirelessly to ensure these clients’ critical manufacturing processes remain operational at all times and at maximum efficiency.

Many of our clients lacking a maintenance department take advantage of our cost-saving Building Operations Service (BOS). There are multiple investments involved in training maintenance personnel (through continuing education) and carrying their payroll and benefits. These costs add up and impact your budget.

By outsourcing your ongoing maintenance needs to ECSI 360, all you pay for are the services provided. Why not eliminate the associated training, salary, and benefits costs from your overhead? Our maintenance people are union employees for whom we provide continual training—they stay current regarding complicated procedures for upkeep and servicing of industrial HVAC systems. We also offer:

24/7 Emergency Service
Preventative Maintenance
Indoor Air Quality Studies
Building Automation System Re-tuning
Energy-Efficiency Analysis