In addition to our mechanical, sheet metal and general HVAC services, Environmental Construction Services can handle your commercial plumbing needs in conjunction with an ongoing project. We have a strong track record of completing comprehensive installs of engineered plumbing systems for our retail, educational institution, office building, and other commercial clients.

Because ECSI 360 offers comprehensive bid-specification and design-build services, a plumbing installation can easily be embedded into your HVAC or other mechanical construction project. In addition to plumbing installations, our other related services include:

  • Backflow prevention and testing to shield your water supply from outside contamination or pollution
  • Cleaning of and debris removal from sewer and drain lines using jetters with high-pressure water
  • Pipe rehabilitation of damaged or leaking small-diameter pipelines (We can do this without having to remove/excavate existing service laterals or install new pipes.)
  • Repair of sewer lines
  • Maintenance contracts for drain cleaning, hot-water heater replacement, and general plumbing issues

ECSI 360 thrives on providing first-class plumbing installations and related services. We build relationships with our clients based on a philosophy of honesty and professionalism. When it comes to the gritty details of commercial plumbing, we are much more than a service provider or order taker—we make project decisions based on your particular installation and specifications.

Your company will save money by reducing the markup that typically results when outsourcing commercial HVAC and plumbing construction to two separate contractors. And when working with ECSI 360, you’ll no longer need the services of an outside engineer or architect—we provide 3D sketches of all plumbing systems, which we design in-house. Additional cost savings are realized, due to accurate build specifications and minimized logistical errors. And although we are a commercial HVAC and mechanical contractor by trade, members of our management team average 30+ years in the plumbing industry.